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Iunie 2005 – de la debut, directia de business a fost aceea de a produce mobilier commercial din metal la comanda ;

Iulie 2007 – o noua strategie de business focusata pe piata de trade marketing. Publicitatea la locul de vanzare implica o mai buna prenzentare a produselor cu vanzare rapida. Solutia – standurile de prezentare.

Octombrie 2007
– prima prezenta la un targ expozitional CAMEX – Bacau;

Aprilie  2008
– pentru prima data standurile produse de Standline ajung si pe piata externa prin intermediul filialelor locale a multinationalelor;

Septembrie 2008
– investitia importanta in tehnologia de vopsire aduce imbunatatiri la calitatea si durata de executie a standurilor;

Martie 2009
– sunt demarate primele proiecte de standuri tip display din materiale usoare: carton si/sau PVC;

Iunie 2010 demararea oficiala a unui proiect de investitii de cca. 200.000 euro pentru cresterea competitivitatii. Durata proiectului este de 12 luni si are in vedere achizitia unor utilaje noi ce vor permite atat cresterea calitatii produselor executate cat si cresterea productivitatii muncii;

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Do the "good" products still need presentation?

If they have already been tested and appreciated on market, some might be tempted to say  "no".  But, i think that anyone has his own experience that when confronted with a purchase to rely also on looks of the product and it's presentation.
I have an example: shortly after the revolution, when a foreigner willing to buy  a food product , by local production, was concerned about quality due to the presentation (if you can remember those awful dusty jars that all looked alike, no matter the content, just thrown on the shelf). He later come to realize the quality of the content. Today, when the competition is high, the presentation really does make the difference.


Buyers wanted

The products do not sell themselves. They need to be provided with an identity and a reason to “communicate” with potential buyers in order to achieve the desired goal – the purchase.

The process isn’t simple and differs from one product to another. For a wide variety of products promotion companies carry out their promotion at the sale point, in order to create the emotion / the desire / the impulse to buy a certain product, at a particular moment and a particular place. For that, the potential buyer must notice, touch and gather further information regarding the product or even try out the product with the most safety and comfort. In this case the solution lies within the way and the place that presents the products.


What am I looking for?

Each offered solution is based on a marketing ideea (a concept) that targets:
  • the presentation in an organized and personalized fashion of your own products;
  • the externalization of time and resource consuming activities;
  • the efficient communication of promotional campaign;
  • stimulating sales etc.

 What do I get?

  • a better communication of brands with the market
  • positioning in a desired market
  • presence and greater visibility at the point of sales;
  • the growth in efficiency of marketing budgets;
  • growth in sales